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Breast Implant Surgery Options

Dr. Rai - Cosmetic Surgical Center - Dallas, TX

Breast augmentation surgery is done by placing an appropriate breast implant size behind the breast. Implants are either placed behind the breast tissue, in front of the chest wall muscle or behind the muscle. In the latter case, the implant is separated from the breast by the muscle.

When breast implants are placed in front of the muscle, the augmentation is called subglandular . The term submuscular refers to the procedure in which the implant is placed behind the muscle.

Learn how to choose between subglandular and submuscular placement in breast enlargement surgery.

Breast Implant Surgery Incision Choices

Many incision choices are available to Dr. Rai when performing a breast augmentation surgery procedure. The operation can be an open operation in a traditional surgical manner or it can be done from a remote incision that is made away from the breast using an endoscopic approach.

Endoscopic Breast Augmentation Surgery Technique

In the endoscopic method of breast augmentation surgery, the incision is placed away from the breast where the scar will not be easily noticeable. Using this incision, a pocket is made behind the breast in which the implant is placed. An endoscope is a long instrument with an attached light source and a video camera. This video camera enables Dallas breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Rai to see the field of operation on a nearby video monitor.

Generally, the incision is made in the belly button where it will be inconspicuous (the “TUBA Method“). Dr. Rai gently stretches the tissue in this area to create the breast implant pocket. After the breast implant pocket is made, the saline or silicone implant is inserted and inflated using a fill tube.

Endoscopic breast augmentation surgery can also be done through an incision in the armpit or even through an existing scar on the body. Dr. Rai prefers to use the belly button incision for subglandular breast implant placement and an axillary incision for submuscular breast implant placement.

Some advantages of having endoscopic breast augmentation surgery include:

  • No scar on the breast
  • Less pain
  • Quicker recovery
  • More feeling in the breasts is preserved

“Open” Approach For Breast Augmentation

Incisions for breast augmentation can be made in the crease of breasts. This is called an Inframammary Incision. Additional incision options include around the lower half areolar periphery, a Periareolar Incision , or in the armpit, an Axillary Incision .

The breast implant can be inserted in the subglandular or submuscular space using any of these incision types. Usually, the healing is fast and the scar tends to blend in and become less noticeable with passage of time.

There is a varying degree of sensory loss with any of the above approaches. Superiority of any one incision over the other has not been established. Dr. Rai makes his incision choice after an open discussion with the patient.

“I’m excited, I feel great and my clothes look so much better. I’m so glad I decided to have the surgery. Thank you. It’s been 4 weeks, but my self-esteem has changed for the better. My friends are shocked at first to find out what I did, but they see the difference and they are happy for me. If it is something you truly want then go for it.”
– L.A.

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