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Dallas Breast Reduction Surgery

Dr. Rai - Cosmetic Surgical Center - Dallas, TX

Breast Reduction Before and After Gallery

Dallas Breast Reduction SurgeryBreast reduction surgery addresses a very serious medical problem. Many large-breasted women experience back, neck, and shoulder pain because of the weight of their breasts. Others complain that they cannot exercise or participate in sports because of the weight and bulk of their breasts. Some women just feel self-conscious and have become the unwanted targets of insensitivity.

Whatever the reason, Dallas breast reduction surgery offers a reliable method to reduce the size and weight of your breasts and simultaneously improve your shape. Breast reduction surgery techniques are used that will give you the most natural shape and relieve the symptoms you may have experienced. At Cosmetic Surgical Center in Dallas, we count women who have had breast reduction surgery among our happiest patients because not only do they look better but, more importantly, they feel better!

“In my whole adult life, I have never been so comfortable. Others tell me they think I have lost weight and I happily tell them about my breast reduction surgery and who performed the surgery.”
– B.W. – read more patient testimonials.

If heavy breasts cause strain on your back and make it hard to do physical activities, Dallas breast reduction surgery can alleviate the extra weight and give breasts a more youthful appeal. Every woman is different, that is why we present all the options to our patients, and recommend the procedure (and the breast size and shape) we think is best suited for you. During your personal breast surgery consultation, Dallas breast reduction surgeon, Dr. Rai will advise you on which breast surgery procedure best fits your needs.

Contact the Cosmetic Surgical Center for a free initial consultation and custom solution to your breast reduction needs if you live in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex area of Texas.

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