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Male Gynecomastia Dallas

Dr. Rai - Cosmetic Surgical Center - Dallas, TX

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Gynecomastia is the medical term for over-developed male breasts and affects an estimated 50% of men, especially age 50 and higher. Although the problem is mostly genetic, it can be corrected easily with cosmetic surgery. In 1999, almost 11,000 males underwent surgery for gynecomastia. Dr. Rai uses ultrasonic liposuction to remove the excessive breast tissue with liposuction on an outpatient basis. This surgery has been particularly successful in boosting self-confidence in males with significant and permanent breast reduction. If you or someone you know is uncomfortable about their breast size, call Dr. Rai for a private Gynecomastia consultation.

“I feel very confident. I realize I’m not a youngster but compared to what I looked like, I am very happy. I can wear any kind of shirt now. I have better posture, confident posture when standing around people. I would like to advise people to have gynecomastia done at an early age. Do not put it off. Parents should be made aware of the benefits of this surgery ex: self confidence in a child.”
– J.O.

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Male gynecomastia is also a problem that can affect young boys in their teens. If excessive breast tissue continues to persist into the 20’s surgery should be considered. Gynecomastia surgery can result in a tremendous boost to a young man’s self esteem and confidence that will stay with him for years to come.

Contact Cosmetic Surgical Center today at 972-392-3511, or toll-free at 1-800-558-7355 for your gynecomastia consultation with Dr. Rai serving Dallas, Texas.