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Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Surgery Dallas

Dr. Rai - Cosmetic Surgical Center - Dallas, TX

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The Nose job demystified: steps of a nose job from its design to finish

STEP 1: Initial consultation
This is the most important step – it establishes goals that are to be achieved with the nose job. The consultation is an “open ended” dialogue between the patient and Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Rai. Dr. Rai will simply give patients a mirror and ask them to describe what they don’t like about their nose and how would they like to change it.

After hearing the patients’ concerns in their own words, Dr. Rai goes over all their issues from his surgical perspective. He will analyze your concerns and discuss realistic results to be expected from the nose job.

STEP 2: Operative Plan
The planned approach is made and discussed with patient. All of your questions are answered so you feel comfortable with the process. Overall view of journey ahead, including steps before, during and after surgery are explained.

STEP 3: Preoperative meeting
All questions and concerns are answered. Photographs of nose are taken. You will be given prescriptions for any medications that you may need for surgery recovery.

STEP 4: The Operation
Nose job is completed. In most cases it is possible to accomplish the entire nose job with incisions made inside nose. This allows Dr. Rai to perform the surgery with no visible scars. This technique of doing the operation is called the closed rhinoplasty technique.

This method requires experience and skill and is not universally offered by all plastic surgeons – that is why it is important to seek out board-certified surgeons who have performed many nose jobs.

In a small percentage of nose jobs, Dr. Rai will recommend an external incision. That technique is called open rhinoplasty. Nose job operations usually take 60-90 minutes. You are able to go home after another 60-90 minutes of recovery.

After your nose job, you will have a skin colored splint molded on your nose for support and protection. You will also have a pad under the nostrils to absorb any drainage. Usually all drainage will stop within 24 hours. At that time the external pad can be discontinued.

Dr. Rai checks on patients with a phone call on the evening of their surgery and answers any questions that they may have at that time.

STEP 5: Removal of splint.
The splint is removed 5-7 days after surgery, based upon individual circumstances of each patient. At this stage some swelling and bruising of the nose and adjoining cheeks is expected. Nose is tender to touch, but overall there is very little discomfort.

STEP 6: Follow up
All nose jobs are done as outpatient surgical procedures taking 60-90 minutes. However it takes 12-18 months to achieve THE FINAL outcome. During this time swelling gradually settles and skin of nose adapts to the changed bone and cartilage structure of nose. Patience is the key as we wait for nose to take its final shape.

Progress is followed by serial photos taken at periodic intervals after surgery until the final results are obtained.

“I love my nose. Go for it if it makes you feel better about yourself.”
– D.C.

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If you would like more information on rhinoplastycontact the Cosmetic Surgical Center. Dr. Vasdev Rai offers nose job consultations to patients in the Dallas, Texas area.

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