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  • Plastic Surgeon Dallas Dr. Vasdev Rai


BOTOX Testimonials

Dr. Rai - Cosmetic Surgical Center - Dallas, TX

“I am so happy about how my eyes look! I feel more confident talking to people. I feel prettier too. Others have told me ‘It looks great, now I can see what you were talking about’. I would advise others to be sure to get Dr Rai – he’s the best. It looks natural when its healed and it was easy to do.”

— C.W.

“I feel good about my appearance; I don’t hate the looks of my eyes in the mirror now. Others tell me that I look younger; my eyes are ‘bigger’. Together with my new hairstyle, I look trendier and 10 yrs younger. I would tell others that it is definitely worth it if you can afford it. Don’t hesitate and don’t be afraid (like I was) and be patient and wait for results after a few months.”

— L.S.

“I feel great about my appearance. I like the fact that my eyes look better, not tired looking and that my body is more proportionate now. Others tell me ‘You look different,’ ‘You look great’. They ask me if I have lost weight. My advice to others is to ‘Just do it’.”

— C.W.

“I receive many compliments and I am pleased with the surgery. I feel a little more encouraged to enjoy life and not feel depressed about the future. People say I look better, but they think it is my hair or “something”. They can’t put a finger on it. I would say DO IT!!”

— Y.R.

For more information on Botoxcontact Dr. Vasdev Rai serving the Dallas, Texas. We offer complimentary initial evaluations!