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Liposuction Surgery Testimonials

Dr. Rai - Cosmetic Surgical Center - Dallas, TX

The following are Liposuction Surgery Testimonials provided by patients that underwent the liposculpture/liposuction procedure with Dr. Vasdev Rai.

“I feel good. I love the way I look now. I am very excited with the new and improved me. The most important thing that this surgery has done for me is, it’s given me a lot more confidence. It’s not an easy decision, its kind of scary when you think about it but if you have a great doctor and a wonderful staff right behind him then its OK. You have to feel comfortable with your doctor, lets just put it this way, and if I ever need anything else done Dr Rai will be my #1 choice.”

— C.V.

“I feel like I look like I did before my children came along. I love them dearly, but they did a number on my appearance. I can fit into all my clothes in my closet that were too small before. It’s as though I went shopping without spending a dime on clothes. Makes me feel successful. Amazingly positive reactions, congratulatory. Make sure you are doing it for you and not anyone else.”

— A.L.

“I meant to send this, weeks ago. I just wanted you to know that I really do appreciate what you have done for me. Having this liposuction surgery has been such a blessing. I am so much happier with the way I look! I am able to go into a store and actually find my size immediately. That may not seem like a big deal for someone who has never had that problem, but it certainly is for me! I could not have chosen a more caring group of people to perform my surgery. You and your staff are amazing, I felt like one of the family. Thank you Dr Rai – you make such a difference in peoples lives!!!”

— M.B.

“I am extremely happy-my whole life is different. I am more confident about my body and my self-esteem has soared. Others tell me how thin I look! Wow! I would advice others to have it done only with the best surgeon in Dallas. Thank you so much Dr Rai! You have given me a new lift.”

— S.G.

“I feel great. Now I don’t have to worry how I look in clothes or swimsuits. I would advice others to go for it! And have Dr Rai do it. I don’t know a whole lot of people, but if I hear them speak of cosmetic surgery, I certainly let them know of my confidence in Dr Rai.”

— S.M.

“I feel absolutely wonderful-elegant in my clothes. My friends are telling me I look fabulous because I look thinner/slimmer, especially in my knit wardrobe. My advice to others is if you want to look ‘better’ don’t hesitate to have the surgery especially if you are of an age where exercise just does not work on all those ‘difficult’ areas. Thanks for all your kindness and great care! Each of you made my experience as comfortable as possible.”

— M.S.

“I feel wonderful, like a new person. Since surgery I can’t stop looking in the mirror, saying ‘Wow I can’t believe how good I look’. Thank you so much. Since my surgery I’ve learned to love myself again and let my husband love me also. Thank you so much. My husband is enjoying my new look just as much as I am. Others notice I look smoother in my clothes. My advice to others is to go for it. Surgery will change your life. I have the perfect doctor and staff. Thank you so much.”

— T.W.

“Great!! This is the best decision I ever made. I have always been self-conscious about my body, but I no longer have these feelings. I have more confidence now. No more self-conscious feelings about my body appearance! I don’t have to wish I could wear the latest fashions any more. I feel a bit like a teenager again. It’s really comical, I told no one other than my family about the surgery. All of my co-workers notice a difference in my appearance but they are convinced I had implants. It’s the greatest thing that has happened in my life only second to the births of my children. Since my surgery several of my friends have been considering it. I encourage them to go for it and of course recommend Dr. Rai because he is absolutely wonderful as is his entire staff!!! Thank you all again for the wonderful experience. I will certainly recommend CSC to anyone I know who is considering cosmetic surgery!”

— K.K.

“I feel great! More confident with my appearance. New clothes, motivation to work out and improve the rest of my body. It’s like a jump start. I feel younger! It is worth it, do not hesitate! You will not regret your decision. The staff is wonderful and supportive.”

— Y.C.

“I feel as though I have been “fixed”. I have one less worry now, I am able to wear clothing I wasn’t comfortable wearing before. People are looking twice. I would like to tell people to make sure and chose a good surgeon, like Dr. Rai!”

— N.B.

“My appearance is greatly improved, amazing, really. I have a more balanced appearance as well as being a size smaller. I can walk more easily and am more active. I would recommend the liposuction and abdominoplasty to any one in need of a reduction in fat and loose abdominal skin. I highly recommend Dr Rai as a surgeon of great skill and artistry.”

— K.P.

“I have a more positive approach to life since my surgery. I began an exercise program after surgery-I feel more healthy and look more healthy. I went from a size 18 to a size 12. Everyone has noticed. My advise to people is that its worth the effort – don’t put it off.”

— M.B.

“I am very pleased with the results of my surgery. The procedure did exactly what I hoped it would. The surgery definitely made a positive change in my life. I feel so much better about my appearance and my clothes look and feel better. Everyone has made extremely favorable comments. It was a very positive experience with excellent results.”

— P.B.

“I have had a couple of people not recognize me, that had not seen me in over a year. I have had lots of people tell me that I look nice. It is expensive, but worth it. This provides a good start to help you accomplish your physical goals.”

— M.C.

“Plan and prepare for a difficult recovery, but definitely do it. You won’t regret it for a minute. It will transform you inside and out. Dr. Rai and his staff will lead you thorough it every step of the way, with a sincerely loving and caring attitude. I never imagined I would turn out this good!! Dr. Rai, you are an amazing surgeon.”

— L.G.

“I feel much better about the way my body looks. I’m no longer self-conscious about showing my body. My confidence has grown tremendously. That confidence has spilled over into every aspect of my life. People say that I am glowing. I even posted photos of before and after on a website dedicated to plastic surgery. Everyone is very impressed with Dr. Rai and the results he was able to achieve for me. I would tell anyone to go for it. If a part of your body really bothers you; why not have something done about it? The emotional pay off is worth more than anything money can buy.”

— R.L.

“I feel great. It changed how I look in my clothes. It appears that anyone who knew me before makes a favorable comment. I would advise anyone to call Dr Rai, as I have already told so many to do.”

— N.H.

“I feel so much better proportioned! Now, I feel like a woman with curves in all the right places. My sex life has improved, probably because I feel sexier and more confident with my body image. I look so much better in clothes! Do not listen to stories that it is a painful experience, as with Dr. Rai, my pain was minimal and recovery was relatively easy! Thank you for making my first experience with plastic surgery so delightful! Your entire staff were all so kind, supportive and professional. You all made me feel like part of your family, and I feel blessed to have met each of you. Thank you, Dr. Rai, for respecting me and for treating me from start to finish with the utmost professionalism and kindness!”

— T.K.

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