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BOTOX ® Cosmetic Injections

Dr. Rai - Cosmetic Surgical Center - Dallas, TX

image-12BOTOX® Cosmetic Injections Before and After Gallery

BOTOX® Cosmetic has been used to improve facial appearance by reducing horizontal creases in the forehead, frown lines, and wrinkling. The overall effect of a BOTOX® Cosmetic injection is a relaxed, smooth appearance for the treated facial region. The most commonly targeted areas are the eyes and forehead, although BOTOX® Cosmetic can be used to treat other areas of the face and neck as well.

“I feel great about my appearance. I like the fact that my eyes look better, not tired looking and that my body is more proportionate now. Others tell me ‘You look different,’ ‘You look great’. They ask me if I have lost weight. My advice to others is to ‘Just do it’.” 
– C.W.

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Your BOTOX® Cosmetic Procedure

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a 10 minute office procedure with no downtime. You can return to work immediately after the injection.

Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Vasdev Rai will inject BOTOX® Cosmetic into the muscles between your brows. It contains botulinum toxin A, which blocks the nerve impulses that cause the muscle contractions responsible for creating wrinkles. Your results should last approximately three to four months.

For more information, please visit our BOTOX® Cosmetic Questions page.

BOTOX® Cosmetic to Treat Frey’s Syndrome

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a very effective treatment of Frey’s Syndrome, a rare disorder caused by an injury near the parotid glands that damages the facial nerve. The parotid glands are located on the side of your face and are responsible for producing saliva. The condition is often triggered by eating spicy, hot, or bitter foods. Symptoms of Fry’s Syndrome include sweaty or flushed cheeks and ears.

For treatment of Frey’s Syndrome, BOTOX® Cosmetic is injected into the affected section of the face to achieve relief of symptoms.

BOTOX® Cosmetic to Treat Armpit Sweating

More than one million Americans suffer from a condition called axillary hyperhidrosis, more commonly referred to as excessive armpit sweating. It can often cause people to sweat up to four times as much as normal in order to properly regulate body temperature. This condition can be a source of severe embarrassment to those who suffer from it.

In 2004, BOTOX® Cosmetic was approved by the FDA for use in the treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis. Dr. Rai regularly uses this treatment to help patients suffering from excessive armpit sweating alleviate this embarrassing condition once and for all.

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