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Body Contouring After Large Weight Loss

Dr. Rai - Cosmetic Surgical Center - Dallas, TX

Post Weight Loss Body Contouring

Post Weight Loss Body ContouringMassive weight loss in previously overweight patients results in extreme skin excess. Weight loss may be due to the patient’s own self control, or from Bariatric surgery (gastric bypass, Stapling or Lap band). With obesity becoming one of the most challenging health issues of the 21st century, more and more patients are needing post weight loss plastic surgery.

The following situation is usually encountered after extreme weight loss:

  1. Excessive and loose skin of arms: This is usually severe and extends to upper chest and sometimes continues onto skin excess of the breasts. Surgery requires incisions in the arms, which often need to extend to the armpit and the upper chest area. Thus an arm lift or extended arm lift is required.
  2. Loss of breast fullness and extreme sagging of breasts: This requires mastopexy with breast implants to restore the tone and fullness to breasts.
  3. Loose skin and tissues of the abdomen, which hangs down over the hips and pubic area. Correction requires an extended body lift, with a resulting scar extending all around the Trunk. A body lift is sometimes called a Belt Lipectomy. See the tummy tuck section of the website.
  4. Extreme sagging of thighs, buttock and knees: Buttock augmentation and Thigh lift surgery is required to treat this situation.
  5. Sagging skin of calves.
  6. Sagging of the face and neck: A FaceliftEyelid lift, and Forehead lift are required for its treatment.

In conclusion, massive weight loss poses a great surgical challenge. The entire body needs to be subjected to surgery. Post weight loss surgery poses extreme psychological stress and physiological stress to the body. Here are a few unique issues faced by the surgeon and patient:

  1. Multistage surgery is needed.
    Usually three to five stages of surgery, each four to six weeks apart are needed to achieve the desired goal.
  2. Higher Complication Rates.
    The complication rates with weight loss surgeries are much higher compared with other cosmetic surgeries. There is high risk of poor wound healing, bleeding, fluid build-ups (seroma), blood loss, respiratory problems, clots in the legs and can be life threatening.Pulmonary emboli: There is reduced tissue health with weight loss. Healing is slow and scarring is noticeable. Anesthetic risks are also much greater because long multiple surgeries are required.

If you have any questions about body contouring surgery after large weight loss, or would like to schedule a post weight loss surgical consultation with Dr. Rai, please call or email The Cosmetic Surgical Center. We proudly serve patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area of Texas.