A woman’s body is supposed to be defined by its curves, but the ideal for a man’s body often bespeaks the opposite.Many of the features are positively described as “chiseled,” or square.However, the goal is never to get rid of curves, but to reshape them.The difference between a beer gut and six-pack abs is not that one is curved while the other is straight, but that one is defined by fat and the other by muscle.The chief difference between men’s and women’s bodies is that in women a certain amount of fat is desirable to give shape to the breasts, buttocks, and thighs, men’s bodies are supposed to be shaped completely by muscle and bone.

Of course, body contouring cannot completely eliminate fat from your body, but it can help you get the body you’ve always wanted.Many men stay away from the gym because they’re embarrassed by their bodies.It’s not just a question of a beer gut or love handles that a man can explain away.Some men suffer from Gynecomastia, a condition in which their breasts grow similar to women’s breasts, and which can be very embarrassing.Although these men may attempt to exercise from home to remove the breast tissue, Gynecomastia does not generally respond to exercise, and can be a glandular condition.However, Dr. Rai can correct Gynecomastia, allowing you to feel sufficiently comfortable with your body that you can actually show your face in the gym.In addition, he can use an abdominoplasty to reduce fat and tighten the muscles in the gut, and liposuction to target some areas of the body that are difficult to sculpt with exercise, such as the gut and the love handles, giving you a head start on your new, chiseled features.

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