A recent study examined the quality-of-life outcomes of bariatric patients who received body contouring procedures after weight loss.

The study was relatively small, including only 33 patients. All 33 underwent body contouring after weight-loss surgery. Many of the patients had tummy tucks or breast surgery. Throughout the seven years following surgery, the patients were asked to complete recurring questionnaires to measure quality of life. Using the scores from quality-of-life assessments, the researchers found patients have significant and sustained improvement in their quality-of-life following body contouring surgery.

Fifty-five percent of the patients were “very satisfied” with their results, while some other patients were less satisfied because they regained weight in the years following body contouring. Thirty-two of the 33 patients said they would have body contouring surgery again.

Following major weight loss surgery, many patients are satisfied with the weight loss, but may find their body image remains poor due to hanging, excess skin. Body contouring procedures like a tummy tuck can eliminate the excess skin left by weight loss, letting you achieve tighter contours.

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