A Botox breast lift is a relatively new procedure.It works by injecting the pectoral muscles with Botox, which causes them to relax.When these muscles relax, other muscles are forced to take up the slack.In terms of the chest, this is largely the muscles in the upper back, which results in a repositioning of the shoulder girdle, projecting the breasts more up and out.Essentially, the injection forces you to walk or stand with better posture, which makes your breasts appear as though they have been lifted.

At its best, this is what might be called a “Wizard of Oz” procedure, in that it doesn’t give you anything you didn’t have already.No, tin man, you don’t need a heart.Have a watch. If you want the kind of results you can get from a Botox breast lift, there’s no need to travel to the Emerald City.Just click your heels together and stand up straight.Or buy a better bra, blouse, or swimsuit.

At its worst, this procedure is potentially harmful.Because you are treating larger muscles than in facial Botox injections, which means that the possibility of adverse effects does increase, although it is still very small, as we discussed in a previous entry.More likely, though, is that women who undergo this procedure will experience the same types of effects on their back, shoulder, and neck muscles as women with hypertrophic breasts:namely discomfort, strain, even chronic pain, the things that induce these women to seek breast reduction.

If you are interested in real improvement of the appearance of your breasts, consider an actual breast lift or breast enlargement.To schedule a consultation, please contact Dr. Rai at the Cosmetic Surgical Associates in Dallas, Texas.