For many parents, sending the kids off to college causes mixed emotions. On the one hand, it is sad and hard to finally let the children go. It is difficult not to worry about the child who will no longer be checking in at night, who cannot ask you for help when he or she needs it. On the other hand, for many parents saying goodbye to a child or children represents a new beginning. This is the start of your third phase in life, when you and your partner can return to life together and enjoy the freedom that comes from having no children.

As part of this new beginning, many men and women elect plastic surgery as a way to help them look and feel better and enjoy their “second adolescence.” Popular surgical procedures include eyelid surgery, facelift, tummy tuck, and breast lift. Popular nonsurgical procedures include skin resurfacing, BOTOX┬« Cosmetic, and facial fillers.

But Empty Nest plastic surgery is not for everyone. Sometimes, the stress and impending loneliness of saying goodbye to children can make people do something that they will regret later. To make sure you are doing something that is in your best interest, ask yourself a few basic questions before you decide on the procedure:

  • Is this something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, or a sudden decision?
  • Have I done the research necessary to ensure I understand the procedure and its risks?
  • Have I talked to my partner, friends, and even child about this decision?

The more long-term consideration that has gone into the decision and the more comfortable you are in discussing it with your family and friends, the less likely it is a reaction to the emotional turmoil of this big moment for you.

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