Women in their 20s are the fastest-growing group of breast augmentation patients, comprising nearly a third of all breast augmentation patients. These women, most of them in college, decide to get their breast augmentation for many reasons. The most commonly listed ones were:

Improve self esteem
Look better in clothes, including swimsuits
Feel more feminine
More attention from men was not generally listed as a reason for seeking breast augmentation, but was more likely to be considered a fringe benefit, and among this group of women was not generally seen to be untoward or undesirable.

College-aged women also found that the adjustment period following their breast augmentation surgery was a little difficult. Some people thought that the new size was “just not them.” The women also discussed not feeling natural at first, but said this passed fairly quickly. For women of this age, family opinion is also important. For some women, families are supportive, and will even pay for implants as graduation presents, but for others the family may be reluctant, and even question why the student can’t pay for tuition if she can pay for her breast implants. To head off problems of this type, women are encouraged to discuss their plans with close family members beforehand.

If you are considering breast augmentation, please contact Dr. Rai at the Cosmetic Surgical Center in Dallas, Texas, to set up a consultation, and he will help you talk through your reasons for wanting the surgery and how to help those around you accept your decision.