At a scholarly conference last week, cosmetic surgeons discussed the possibility of using transplanted fat as the raw material of breast augmentation.The procedure, which is still being evaluated in clinical trials, has received much praise from some doctors.According to fat grafting pioneers, breast shaping with autologous fat transplantation “allows for dramatic or subtle shaping of the breast in a manner previously not attainable,” and added that the “telltale signs of implants and surgery are absent–the resultant breast is completely fluid and natural appearing.”

Recent studies of breast reconstruction have shown that reconstruction with body tissue has a far lower rate of infection and other complications than breast reconstruction with implants, so it is possible that augmentation with transplanted fat might reduce complications associated with the procedure.

However, there are a number of long-term questions about the safety and efficacy of the procedure.The main concern is that transplanted fat cells have a low survival rate, which can be accounted for in doing micro-transplantation such as is used when utilizing transplanted fat as a facial filler, but may lead to malformation if used in large quantities such as would be necessary for breast augmentation.In addition, the procedure may lead to calcification, the development of cysts, and scarring.And some have expressed concerns that the transplanted fat can lead to an increased incidence of cancer.

As a result of these concerns, it is likely that breast implants will continue to be used for breast augmentation for the foreseeable future.However, it is possible that some day in the not-too-distant future, a woman really will be able to take the fat from stomach and move it to her breasts.

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