When former American Idol also-ran Kellie Pickler underwent cosmetic breast surgery, the aspiring country music star became the center of speculation and rumor.She denied the speculation for many months, saying things like, “I like to be the center of attention, and right now me and the girls, we are pretty much getting a lot of attention.I like to keep it a mystery.”However, after about six months of speculation, she finally came out and discussed her Dallas breast augmentation surgery.

This past weekend, when she performed at the American Country Music Awards, she received a lot of attention from photographers, partly due to her breast implants, and there were some very crude comments made, including one by the executive producer of the show that launched her career, who said the attention was because “She’s acquired two accoutrements that (naturally) photographers and men love,” then added, “I’m not sure what it cost her, but obviously it was well worth it.”Of course we might expect a peddler of low-brow, bottom-feeder television to take a meretricious perspective, but the truth is that Pickler has a much healthier perspective on her surgery and its results.

Even early on, she didn’t deny having the surgery, and talked about what might have inspired her to have it, “You’re the one that has to look at yourself every day and it’s important that you’re happy with what you see.”She has also said, “I don’t take any of that personal when people criticize me about the way I look. . . . As long as I’m happy with Kellie then that’s most important.”She talked about the breast surgery as part of her character transformation, “I still have my sassy and girly side, but I’ve been growing a lot–in many more ways than one.Let’s just say I feel much more mature now.” Breast surgery is an opportunity for more than just a physical makeover.It can be part of a personal transformation.

And she put her breast enhancement in context of other things that stars do to look good, “My job is to sing and I have a total glam squad that does the rest; I use so much hairspray and so much makeup.At night it’s like a mask that I take off–you really wouldn’t know who I am.”If people are not ashamed of their makeup mask, why should they be ashamed of their breast surgery?

If you are considering breast augmentation, it is important to make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons, and you have considered what it means in terms of your self-image.If you would like to discuss breast augmentation in detail, please contact Dr. Rai for a consultation at the Cosmetic Surgical Center today.