A lot of women try a program of diet and exercise to try and target some of their stubborn fat spots, like belly fat and love handles or “muffin tops.”The problem is, for many women these are the last places your body will lose fat, so by the time you’ve lost this fat, your breasts have most likely shrunk and your collarbone juts out of your torso.Many women think, that’s okay, breast implants will look great on my skinny chest.Au contraire.

The ribs & breasts (R&B;) look is never attractive. First, it looks highly unnatural.The contrast of breasts jutting out abruptly from a ribcage can never be mistaken for a natural body.Second, it looks unhealthy.Ultimately, beauty’s role is to be the marker of a healthy gene pool–that’s what makes it attractive.An unhealthy appearance may fly in the eye of fashion designers who like models without curves, but the vast majority of men enjoy a woman who is healthy-looking, neither too fat nor too skinny. Finally, a man’s paradigm for woman is curves.When a man sees curves, he goes “Schwing!”Once a woman’s bones begin to dominate her form, she loses her curvaceousness.

If you are considering using cosmetic surgery as part of achieving the perfect look, use diet and exercise to get to a healthy fitness level, with a good balance of fat and lean muscle. Then honestly evaluate your appearance and decide what will help you perfect your appearance.It may be breast augmentation, buttock augmentation, or there may be stubborn fat deposits that can be removed using liposuction.

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