As more and more women are concerned about maintaining their youthful appearance, they are apt to try many things to keep their breasts perky and attractive. Among the techniques women try is wearing a bra to bed. Some women go even further by purchasing special breast pillows marketed to sit between the breasts and keep them supported over night. However, do these tactics work?

There is no evidence to support the theory that wearing a bra to sleep will help keep your breasts youthful. In fact, there are those who contend that even wearing a bra during the day is not proven to maintain the youthful position and shape of the breast. Although most evidence suggests that properly supporting your breasts will help them look more youthful longer, it is important to understand that support is not the only factor in breast sagging.

Another important factor to consider is that the most important support for your breast is the breast itself, which changes with age. The breast has a number of support structures, including firm tissue inside the breast, ligaments within the breast, and the breast skin itself. Initially, breast tissue is dense and firm, but with age it will soften as fibrous tissue is replaced with fattier tissue. With age, the ligaments will also lose their elasticity as they thin and lengthen. Finally, the skin itself will lose elasticity as collagen and elastin production decreases.

Of these factors, the only one you can directly impact is the condition of your skin. Nourishing the skin with a healthy diet (which will also help your ligaments) as well as using appropriate lotions will potentially decrease the amount of sagging you see. In addition, you should avoid damaging lifestyle choices, such as smoking, drinking, and too much sun exposure, to ensure your skin remains as elastic and supportive as possible.

However, it is likely that none of this will make the major impact you would like on the position and shape of your breasts. Your body will do what it is programmed to do in terms of breast tissue changes and sagging. If you are unhappy with the sagging of your breasts, likely the only good solution is a breast lift.

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