Have you ever asked:  are 24 hour breast augmentations different?  The answer is: “No, it is a marketing ploy.” Most breast augmentation patients do recover in 24 hours or less. That is standard. Please, don’t fall victims to such claims of superiority. They lack merit. Your personal recovery time will depend on how well you follow post-operative directions and the extensiveness of your procedure. Most patients can return to their normal activities the day after surgery.

Each patient is unique, and there are several factors which will determine when you will be ready to return to your normal activities:

  • Your surgeon’s skill level
  • Your attitude
  • Your willingness to follow post-operative directions and assist in your own recovery
  • The amount of enlargement you have chosen

Patients who recover quickly have chosen a moderate enlargement, and begin the special exercises we recommend to speed recovery right away. If you lay around in bed for hours after your procedure, you will be stiff and sore when you decide to move around, and you will recover more slowly. We suggest getting up and walking around after your surgery.

Most patients can return to work in a day or two, but you may want to take off for a week to ten days. You can have breast augmentation in the morning and go out to dinner that evening. However, no type of breast enlargement surgery will allow you to return to cardio exercises or heavy lifting within 24 hours, or even within a few days.

If you are considering breast enlargement in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, please contact the Cosmetic Surgical Center to schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Vasdev Rai.