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Breast Augmentations 50th Anniversary

This year, breast augmentation turns 50. In 1962, a 30-year-old mother of six from Texas underwent the first breast augmentation procedure using breast implants, specifically silicone breast implants. Timmie Jean Lindsey was looking for a doctor who could remove a chest tattoo when doctors told her she would be a perfect candidate for an exciting […]

Research Targets Cancer-Fighting Capacity of Breast Implants

Two research and development projects are looking at utilizing breast implants in the fight against breast cancer. Scientists from Brown University are developing a special breast implant surface promoting the presence of healthy cells and deterring the presence of cancer cells. The surface is described as a “microscopic bed-of-nails” that prevents cancer cells from dwelling […]

New Silicone Breast Implant approved for Breast Augmentation

This past month, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved silicone breast implants from a third manufacturer: California-based Sientra. Previously, all silicone breast implants used in US breast augmentations were manufactured by one of two companies, Allergan or Mentor. What does this mean to a woman considering breast augmentation? A third breast implant brand […]

France asks Thousands of Women to Remove their Breast Implants

This past month, France urged 30,000 women to remove their breast implants, which were manufactured by the now defunct company Poly Implants Protheses (PIP) – the company was closed down because its silicone implants contained industrial silicone, instead of medical-grade silicone. The breast implants also seem to be more likely to rupture. The PIP breast […]

Measurements for the Perfect Breast Shape?

Breast augmentation revision surgeries are not uncommon. Women may feel dissatisfied with certain aesthetic results, such as size and shape. Sometimes, women seek revision surgeries because of a “botched” breast augmentation from another surgeon. “Botched” results include asymmetrical, sagging and misshapen breasts. According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, a consultant plastic surgeon at University […]

Medical Watchdog Group Supports Plastic Surgeon against Boob Job in a Bottle

When Rodial’s “Boob Job” was released, a leading plastic surgeon in the UK said it was “highly unlikely” that the cream could deliver the results it promised. When her comments were quoted in a newspaper, the plastic surgeon was threatened with a libel action. Now, though, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the UK’s independent regulator […]

FDA Announcement on the Safety of Silicone Breast Implants

When the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lifted the temporary moratorium on silicone gel breast implants in 2006, it was with the understanding that ongoing studies were needed to properly determine the safety of these medical devices. There were still too many unknowns, which they felt would not be resolved until the completion of two […]

ASPS and ASAPS Issue Joint Cautionary Statement on Stem Cell Treatments

Recently there has been a great deal of interest in the use of stem cells to increase the effectiveness of facial rejuvenation and other cosmetic procedures. The hope has been to improve the procedure’s results and its predictability. Certainly, there has been a great deal of advertising done by many plastic surgeons across the country […]

Putting Breast Implants on Your Wedding Registry?

For many couples, it can be a hard decision: what should we put on our gift registry? One couple in Cheshire, England, came up with an unusual answer: breast implants. As more and more couples are getting married older, or are getting remarried, traditional gift registry items are becoming less and less necessary. More often, […]

Finding the Right Swimsuit to Flatter Your Figure

If you’re like many women, swimsuit season may be a stressful time for you. We all have body features that make us feel uncomfortable, and unless you’re prepared to don a Nigella Lawson-style burkini, swimsuit season is when they all get put on display. If you’re not prepared to completely cover up at the beach, […]