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Breast Implants an Issue in Divorce

A couple in North Dakota is divorcing in Isaacson v. Isaacson and in dividing up the marital assets, the husband wants to count the money spent on his wife’s breast implants. He wants the cost of one implant repaid to him. The Judge stated that this was “absolutely nonsense” and said: “I can’t imagine people […]

Breast Enlargement Tax Failed in New Jersey

In 2004, New Jersey implemented a six percent tax on breast enlargement that was proposed by Democrat Assemblyman Joseph Cryan. It has driven cosmetic surgery patients to other states for their procedures and has not generated anything like what New Jersey Democrats had expected. In 2008 it generated about $9 million and cost an unknown […]

She Faked Cancer to Raise Funds for Breast Augmentation

Charity organizations are rightly upset at the moment over reports that one Trista Joy Lathem deceived them and obtained over $10,000 in donations for breast enlargement. Lathem had married this past April but her marriage was having problems. According to a police affidavit, she decided to tell her husband that she had cancer, in hopes […]

Adult Stem Cells in Breast Enlargement

Experiments have been done in using fat from elsewhere on the body to augment the breasts. Using liposuction, the fat is taken from places where it is unwanted, such as the abdomen, love handles, upper thighs or buttocks. This way of doing breast augmentation has caused concern that the grafted fat could interfere with mammograms, […]

Fat Grafting for Breast Augmentation?

In July of this year the American Society of Plastic Surgeons validated fat grafting as a way to do breast enlargement. It is a procedure where unwanted excess fat is taken from another body area and injected into the breasts to increase their size. Some areas where the fat is typically harvested are: Abdomen Hips […]

The “Ideal Implant” Being Tested

If you would like to have breast augmentation, you currently have a choice between saline implants or silicone gel implants. Both are effective, safe, and popular. However some women prefer one over the other. Silicone gel implants are thought by many to look and feel more natural Saline implants are thought by some to be […]

Breast Implant Serial Numbers Useful

A Canadian man with something between one and two-and-a-half million dollars at his disposal was a contestant early this year on the TV reality show Megan Wants a Millionaire. In a taping session he met a former swimsuit model, one Jasmine Fiore, and they were married in March in Las Vegas. This new husband, Ryan […]

Maintaining Your Breast Health After Breast Implants

Over 40,000 women die every year from breast cancer and nearly 200,000 women in addition to that are diagnosed with the disease. It is crucial that you take care of the health of your breasts in order to live a long, healthy life. Breast augmentation surgery is something thousands of women consider. Today, breast implants […]

Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation Combined

Aging, pregnancy, and breastfeeding all take their toll on the breasts. The skin is stretched when the breasts grow larger for childbirth and milk production. In a younger woman it will usually shrink back again when milk production stops, and the breasts will have their previous youthful appearance. But with age, skin gradually loses its […]

A Glance at Breast Augmentation History: Part 2

On November 25, 2008 this space discussed the early history of breast augmentation and ended where doctors were experimenting in the 1950s with ivory balls, wool, and ox cartilage. Part 2 will bring things up to date. Silicone Gel In 1961, two Houston surgeons developed the first silicone gel implants, marketed by Dow Corning. They […]