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A Glance at Breast Augmentation History: Part 1

The desire for larger breasts may appear currently to be a product of Hollywood mania, but the first attempts at breast augmentation were in the 1890s in Austria. Paraffin injections were performed and continued until about 1920. But infections became too frequent, along with the formation of hard lumps. Fat Transplants So in the 1920s […]

A Breast Implant Improvement Down the Road?

One of the complications that sometimes happens after breast augmentation is capsular contraction. Any time the body detects a foreign object it builds a membrane of connective tissue (collagen and elastin) around it as a kind of protection. It is a way of connecting the natural body tissue to the implant. In the case of […]

Fat Injections for Breast Augmentation?

At the upcoming annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) in Chicago, a group of surgeons are planning a presentation about using fat injections (also called fat grafts) for breast augmentation. They were chosen earlier as a task force to study fat injections for this use. Fat injections have been used for […]

Breast Augmentation as a Raffle Prize?

As Argentina’s peso currency sinks against the dollar and euro, fewer people have been frequenting the many dance halls and clubs. So some club owners have devised some creative ways of attracting more customers. “Breast raffles have been drawing thousands of people, mostly young women, and the young women draw the young men. Argentina has […]

Unattractive Results from Breast Augmentation: RB

A lot of women try a program of diet and exercise to try and target some of their stubborn fat spots, like belly fat and love handles or “muffin tops.”The problem is, for many women these are the last places your body will lose fat, so by the time you’ve lost this fat, your breasts […]

Women Accept Silicone Breast Implants after Moratorium

It seems impossible that the Food and Drug Administration would pull a device from the market because of grave health concerns, then, fifteen years later, to allow the same device back on the market with only limited restrictions, but that is exactly what happened with silicone breast implants.From cancer to fibromyalgia, silicone breast implants had […]

Are the Best Breasts Augmented or Natural?

Breasts, Gaming, and Fantasy

The recent furor over the accidental breast reduction given to female characters in the online game universe of Age of Conan calls our attention to the importance that amply-endowed women play in fantasy texts of all types. Complaints have long been lodged against a number of art forms that target adolescent or pre-adolescent boys. In […]

Kellie Picklers Breast Augmentation in Perspective

When former American Idol also-ran Kellie Pickler underwent cosmetic breast surgery, the aspiring country music star became the center of speculation and rumor.She denied the speculation for many months, saying things like, “I like to be the center of attention, and right now me and the girls, we are pretty much getting a lot of […]

Doctors Discuss Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafts

At a scholarly conference last week, cosmetic surgeons discussed the possibility of using transplanted fat as the raw material of breast augmentation.The procedure, which is still being evaluated in clinical trials, has received much praise from some doctors.According to fat grafting pioneers, breast shaping with autologous fat transplantation “allows for dramatic or subtle shaping of […]