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A Breast Implant Improvement Down the Road?

One of the complications that sometimes happens after breast augmentation is capsular contraction. Any time the body detects a foreign object it builds a membrane of connective tissue (collagen and elastin) around it as a kind of protection. It is a way of connecting the natural body tissue to the implant. In the case of […]

Beautifying the Back

Although the economy is supposed to be slumping and bringing cosmetic surgeons down with it, there are a lot of news items about cosmetic surgery continuing to surge and prosper. One new procedure has been drawing many potential patients: another type of cosmetic “lift”. Cosmetic “lifts” have always been popular, as the force of gravity […]

Are the Best Breasts Augmented or Natural?

Considering the Botox Breast Lift

A Botox breast lift is a relatively new procedure.It works by injecting the pectoral muscles with Botox, which causes them to relax.When these muscles relax, other muscles are forced to take up the slack.In terms of the chest, this is largely the muscles in the upper back, which results in a repositioning of the shoulder […]

Breasts, Gaming, and Fantasy

The recent furor over the accidental breast reduction given to female characters in the online game universe of Age of Conan calls our attention to the importance that amply-endowed women play in fantasy texts of all types. Complaints have long been lodged against a number of art forms that target adolescent or pre-adolescent boys. In […]

Common Questions About Breast Implants

What is a saline-filled breast implant? A breast implant is a sac (implant shell) with the outer shell made of silicone elastomer (rubber). The implant is surgically implanted under the breast tissues and then filled with sterile saline (a salt-water solution) through a valve. What is breast augmentation? Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure done […]