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Category Archives: Cosmetic Surgery Trends

Increased Interest in Male Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there has been a 43% increase in male plastic surgery procedures over the past five years. A recent study looking into this increase found that men between the ages of 30 and 40 typically look to nonsurgical treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and injectable fillers to produce […]

Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

There are many cosmetic surgery options available to men and women who want to improve certain problem areas and fulfill their cosmetic goals. Although most people have a general idea of whether they want a surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedure, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery recently highlighted 4 things you should consider when […]

Labiaplasty has High Rates of Patient Satisfaction

According to one survey, labiaplasty – a cosmetic procedure improving the appearance of elongated or large inner vulva lips – has high rates of patient satisfaction. The survey was distributed to plastic surgeons who are members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The study was designed to look at things like the effectiveness of […]

Worldwide Plastic Surgery Statistics

In August, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) released its first-ever detailed compilation of worldwide aesthetic plastic surgery statistics. According to the ISAPS, this marks the first time that “reliable” statistics on the number of surgeons and procedures worldwide have been made available. The survey showed that  the countries with the top numbers […]

Boob Job in a BottleNot Proven, but Likely not Harmful

Breast enlargement creams are finally, it seems, ready to make the leap from late-night infomercials to the shelves of major retailers. But does this jump to the big time, mean these products give “big time” results? The claim is that they do. The manufacturer, Rodial, claims that its “Boob Job” product will increase breast size […]

Sociologist Finds Women Label Other Plastic Surgery Patients as Vain

In researching her upcoming book, Dr. Debra Gimlin, a sociologist from Aberdeen University, interviewed 80 women from the United States and the United Kingdom who had undergone plastic surgery. She found that more than fifty of the women in the study used the concept of a surgical “other” to push off concerns that they were […]

How to Avoid Plastic Surgery Remorse

Actress Heidi Montag made major headlines in the tabloids as well as serious news outlets earlier this year when she underwent ten plastic surgery procedures in one day. The list included revision of previous breast augmentation (to go to larger breast implants) and nose job, as well as liposuction in several places, fat injection in […]

Learning from Plastic Surgery Trends

Recently, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons released its annual summary of statistics for plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures performed in the US. The report does not have any big surprises, but the information it does contain is very useful for people considering plastic surgery or non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic procedures have increased by […]

Cryolipolysis™ for Fat Reduction?

In Europe and Canada, there is a device to reduce fatty tissue by freezing fat cells. In the U.S., this device is currently FDA-approved only for skin cooling, but a company called Zeltiq™ is working to get approval for fat removal. Zeltiq is based in Pleasanton, CA and operates worldwide. How Cryolipolysis Works Body cells […]

Two Women Arrested for Fake Cosmetic Surgery Practice

On Monday, police arrested two sisters, Alejandra and Guadalupe Viveros, and charged them with practicing medicine without a license. They were running a business out of their home in Los Angeles. Guadalupe Viveros states that she is a Mexican doctor but she has no license to practice in the U.S. Police received several complaints about […]