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When Would My Dallas Facelift Surgeon Recommend Fat Injections Rather Than a Facelift?

Do you ever debate whether you should have a facelift or just get fat injections? Depending on your goals and the condition of your skin, our Dallas facelift surgeon may recommend a facelift, injectable fillers, or a combination of the two. Fat injections are less invasive and require less recovery time. Since the facelift is […]

Study Shows Vampire Facelift is more Facial Filler than Facelift

A recent study showed that Selphyl, or the “vampire facelift,” resulted in softer skin and improved skin texture after eight to 12 weeks. These results highlight the fact the Selphyl provides results comparable to facial fillers like Juvederm, and facelift-like results should not be implied or expected. Selphyl injections involve drawing your own blood and […]

Facial Fillers and BOTOX: Rejuvenation in time for the New Year

Facial fillers and BOTOX have the advantage of producing rapid results. Certain plastic surgery procedures require you to plan time for your recovery, including taking time off from work and social events. If you were hoping for a refreshed look for the New Year, facial fillers and BOTOX let you restore facial volume and reduce […]

Texas Medical Board Considers New Regulations on BOTOX® Cosmetic Injectors

On June 3, the Texas Medical Board met to discuss, among other things, whether to regulate who can inject BOTOX® Cosmetic and other injectable treatments like Restylane or Juvéderm. Currently, there is no regulation about who actually performs the injections, only on who can purchase and prescribe the medications. On the agenda was the possibility […]

Timing Plastic Surgery for Your Wedding

If you are like a lot of women and considering plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure to look your best for a wedding, it’s important that you get the timing right. After all, most procedures have a recovery period when you will not yet be enjoying your final results. During this period, you may also not […]

Why the Facelift Will Never Go Away

Although some procedures, like breast augmentation and tummy tuck, have grown significantly in popularity since 2000, others, like the face lift, have seen a significant decline. Facelift popularity dropped by 23% from 2000-2009, even though the overall number of cosmetic procedures has increased by almost 70%. In part, this is due to the increasing popularity […]

The Limitations of Fat Grafting

In 2009, a task force for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) released the results of its detailed study of the prospect of using fat grafting for breast augmentation. Although the committee’s report was cautious, it touched off a media storm about the potential of fat grafting to replace breast implants as the primary […]

Choosing a Facial Filler

We hear a lot in the news about BOTOX® Cosmetic and how popular it is, but not so much about the advantages of facial fillers, also called dermal fillers. They do not work the same way as BOTOX® Cosmetic. Instead of temporarily paralyzing the muscle used for frowning, for example, and thus helping to smooth […]

Baby Boomers Anxious About Aging

The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) has released statistics for cosmetic surgeries done in 2009. They show that, despite the current recession, baby boomers are worried enough about the years marching on that they are having more facelifts and eyelid surgery. The number of facelifts performed in 2009 by AACS members went up 44 […]

Facial Lines: Types and Treatments

In our youth-obsessed culture, the word “wrinkle” is a BAD word. Nobody wants wrinkles. They must be hidden, smoothed out, eliminated with daily routines, special products, and cosmetic procedures. But everybody gets wrinkles. There is no way to stop aging, and the best thing to do is to try and age gracefully. If it helps […]