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Your Weight and Your BMI

Obesity has been increasing in Western countries for many years and is getting plenty of press coverage. Some cosmetic surgeons are offering gastric bypass surgery for those who cannot lose excess weight through diet and exercise. It is a way to reduce stomach size so that you feel full quickly and cannot eat more. We […]

Cryolipolysis™: A Future Alternative to Liposuction?

A company called Zeltiq™ Aesthetics was founded in 2005 to develop non-invasive ways of removing fat from the body. Zeltiq is based on California. They have patented a method called Cryolipolysis™ that uses controlled cooling to cause the death of targeted fat cells. They are marketing it as a non-invasive alternative to Liposuction, requiring no […]

Stem Cells and Plastic Surgery

If you have liposuction and fat cells are removed from your body, those cells can be recycled. They can be grafted or injected to another part of the body where more fat is wanted or needed. When that is done using the correct techniques, the stem cells in the fatty tissue can provide improved healing […]

New California Cosmetic Surgery Law

On Friday, January 1, 2010, California will have a new cosmetic surgery law called the Donda West Law. It has been working its way through the California House and Senate for about a year. It is named after Kanje West’s mother, who died after her cosmetic surgery in 2007. Kanye West is a rapper and […]

The Art and Science of Liposuction

In Ontario, Canada recently, a family doctor had his medical licence limited because he performed liposuction in his office without adhering to proper professional standards. He injected too much saline solution He suctioned out too much fat for safety He used an excessive amount of anesthetic He did liposuction on at least one morbidly obese […]

Injection Lipolysis: A Realistic Alternative to Liposuction?

Injection lipolysis claims to remove stubborn fat deposits in a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that, like liposuction, can get rid of stubborn fat deposits.In this treatment, a chemical is injected into fatty deposits, causing the fat to dissolve.Although not yet FDA-approved, it continues to be practiced by many doctors, who tout its benefits. However, there is […]

Focus on Liposuction

Last week we looked at the statistics on plastic surgery procedures, which showed that liposuction procedures jumped by more than 50 % from 2006, an astounding increase, comparable to the meteoric rise of noncosmetic procedures, taking over the spot of top cosmetic surgery procedure from breast augmentation, despite the significant increase in that procedure (21 […]