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A Comprehensive Guide to Abdominoplasty and OBGYN Procedures

Abdominoplasty and OBGYN Procedures

As the demand for holistic health solutions intensifies within the vibrant communities of Dallas and Fort Worth, attention turns toward two significant areas of medical care: abdominoplasty and OBGYN procedures. This guide is dedicated to unraveling these vital services’ benefits and critical considerations, offering clarity and insight for those embarking on the journey toward improved […]

Drain Less Tummy Tuck vs Tummy Tuck with Drains

Most Tummy Tucks can be done without drains but all should not be done without drains. In drain less tummy tucks abdominal flap is secured to underlying fascia and muscle layer with multiple stitches. This collapse the space between muscle layer and overlying tissues. Since the space is obliterated there is less potential for fluid […]

Tummy Tucks – Dallas Abdominoplasty Treatments

Tummy Tucks

A flat, tight stomach is at the top of the list of many people’s aesthetic goals but may often seem out of reach. With sagging skin caused by weight loss or pregnancy, no amount of additional exercise and dieting will help. This is where tummy tucks come in. Tummy tucks, also known as abdominoplasties, are […]

Who Needs a Tummy Tuck?

Do you ever wonder: who needs a tummy tuck?  Dr. Rai gets that question frequently.  Here are some things to consider: You may benefit from a tummy tuck if you have lost a significant amount of weight or if you have had a baby. A tummy tuck is not a replacement for diet and exercise. […]

What is a Tummy Tuck?

What is a tummy tuck?  For more information, speak with Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Vasdev Rai. A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a surgical procedure which can give you a flatter, more beautiful tummy. Tummy tuck is not a weight loss procedure, but can put the finishing touches on weight loss by removing the excess skin […]

Are Drains used after a Tummy Tuck?

Have you ever asked yourself: “Are drains used after a tummy tuck?”.  Read this blog post to find the answer to your question. Drains are often used after tummy tuck, but in some cases they are not necessary. It depends in the individual patient and the extent of the surgery. The purpose of the drains […]

How is a Tummy Tuck Different from Liposuction

A tummy tuck is a more invasive surgical procedure than liposuction. Liposuction involves tiny incisions and only removes stubborn pockets of fat. Tummy tuck procedures remove excess skin and tighten the abdominal muscles. For some patients, a tummy tuck is necessary to achieve their desired results, while others would not benefit from the procedure. During […]

How Long Before I can Resume Normal Activities after a Tummy Tuck Operation?

As with most types of surgery, you will return to your normal activities in stages after a tummy tuck operation. Basic recovery, for light activities, takes about one week. For heavier and more strenuous activities, you will need to wait three to four weeks. During your comprehensive consultation, discuss your work and lifestyle with Dr. […]

What Advice Would You Give a Patient Who Wants a Tummy Tuck?

Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Vasdev Rai is often asked to give advice to patients who want tummy tuck surgery in Dallas. A tummy tuck can be a very rewarding procedure for appropriate candidates who are prepared and understand what to expect from the surgery. One of the most important steps is choosing the right plastic […]

What are the Risks Associated with Tummy Tucks

All surgeries carry some risks. However, the risks associated with tummy tucks are minimal and, for healthy patients, the benefits outweigh the risks. Some patients have a higher risk of complications due to preexisting medical conditions. You can minimize your risk of complications by closely following the pre-op and post-op instructions Dallas plastic surgeon Vasdev […]