Many of us have negative feelings about our appearance, it seems that some people have a brain disorder that makes it very difficult for them to overcome these concerns.According to researchers at UCLA, the condition, known as body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), is related to a different method of processing visual imagery.This disorder goes beyond the problem of bad body image, and can lead to depression, social isolation, and an aggressive course of unnecessary surgery that cannot correct perceived defects because the condition is psychological not physical.According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of BDD include:

  • Frequently comparing appearance with others, or checking the appearance of a specific body part in mirrors or reflective surfaces
  • Refusing pictures
  • Trying to conceal perceived flaw with clothing, makeup, or postures/hands
  • Over-elaborate grooming rituals
  • Frequently touching, picking at, or measuring the perceived flaw
  • Seeking surgery or other medical treatment despite the recommendation of doctors

Traditionally, this disorder has been diagnosed with a questionnaire, but UCLA researchers believe they have discovered a more reliable tool for distinguishing body image problems for the more serious BDD.

According to researchers, those suffering from BDD utilize the left hemisphere of the brain, responsible for detail-oriented analytic thought, for making judgments about images, whereas most people use the right hemisphere of the brain. Using the left hemisphere of the brain causes BDD sufferers to focus disproportionately on minute flaws in their appearance, rather than appreciating their overall appearance. Facial features such as the nose, lips, or chin are most likely areas of fixation. It is impossible for these people to achieve satisfaction through cosmetic surgery, and if you fear you may be suffering from BDD, you should be tested before signing up for any procedure.

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