As cosmetic surgery continues to expand its offerings and become better known to the general public, more men are becoming interested in improving their appearance. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery collects statistics each year as to how many times each cosmetic procedure is performed.

For 2007, liposuction was the most popular male procedure, with 57,980 procedures and BOTOX(R) was the most popular non-invasive procedure. BOTOX attained that top place for all age groups of women, men, and women and men combined.

One of the procedures that has been increasing in popularity with men is the chin implant. A receding chin is seen as weak and may make the nose seem overly large. It can also give the neck a “fleshy” look. The secret of facial attractiveness is balance.

A chin implant can remove the diagonal contour that runs from the lower lip back to a receding chin and then down any extra fat over the throat. By giving the chin a more thrusting shape it creates more of a right angle below the chin and gives the face more definition.

The Procedure

Before anything is done, you and Dr. Rai would discuss the options and get everything clear. Together you would determine the size and shape of the implant and which type of anesthetic to use. Usually a local anesthetic is used although general anesthesia can be used if you would prefer it.

The procedure takes about one hour.

  • A small incision is placed inside the mouth, which means there will be no scar visible on the face.
  • A pocket is created over the front of the jawbone and the implant is inserted inside it.
  • Dissolving stitches are used to close the incision.
  • To give support and reduce swelling, the chin is taped.

We will make you comfortable afterwards in our recovery room and monitor you. You will need a ride home and we will check your condition carefully before you leave. Dr. Rai will give you detailed instructions on self-care and you will be back for a follow-up appointment within a day or two.

Please see our male Chin Implant Gallery for the excellent results you can obtain from this cosmetic procedure.

To learn more and find out if you are a good candidate for a chin implant, please contact our cosmetic surgery office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Rai.