According to a survey of doctors performed by the American Society of Dermatological Surgery, there is remarkable growth in one sector of the economy you would not expect:the unemployed.With the sluggish economy experiencing low job growth rates, competition for positions is fierce, leading job-seekers to try and find every possible advantage.Among these advantages is looking younger.

Employers are often more likely to hire younger-looking or more attractive applicants, sometimes without knowing why.Younger-looking applicants seem to be more energetic, giving the impression that they will work harder if given the job.In addition, an applicant who looks well-used and near retirement does not seem like a good investment for an employer who considers the possibility of having to look for a replacement and to pay retirement benefits five or ten years sooner.

If you are trying to find a job, cost-effective solutions like Botox and facial fillers are a good option, depending on what specific signs of aging you are trying to combat.Remember resurfacing treatments like chemical peels are good for combating age spots and numerous fine wrinkles.One of the most effective procedures for making you seem younger is blepharoplasty, a relatively minor surgery with a short recovery period.Financing is also available for those who qualify.

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