Cosmetic surgery is designed to provide you with the appearance you have always wanted, but for some men and women, the post-operative bruising can be embarrassing. If you have been considering cosmetic surgery in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area, Dr. Rai can work with you to make sure your bruising is as minimal as possible.

Everyone bruises differently, and some people are more prone to it than others. There are steps that everyone can take to make sure their bruises aren’t as noticeable:

  • Make-Up – This option has been available for decades and can still provide great results. Although it is important to keep make-up away from incisions, it can still be used on other areas to cover or camouflage bruises.
  • Clothing – Something as simple as wearing clothing that covers the areas in question can also keep other people from seeing the evidence of your cosmetic surgery.
  • Proper Nutrition – Make sure you are eating as well as possible and that your body receives the nutrients it needs. The healing period is a time to abandon junk food and sugar and give your body fresh food, protein, and whole grains. Why not keep your skin looking great and shorten your recovery?

Although the prospect of bruising might make you hesitate over a facelift, rhinoplasty, or a mommy makeover, Dr. Rai will help you to minimize visible bruising. He will also provide you with an exercise regimen to help you stay slim and regain your former energy and flexibility. Be sure you follow his post-op instructions to the letter.

If you live in the Fort Worth or Dallas, Texas area and would like to improve your appearance with cosmetic surgery, please contact cosmetic surgeon Dr. Vasdev Rai today to schedule your initial consultation.