There are many cosmetic surgery options available to men and women who want to improve certain problem areas and fulfill their cosmetic goals.

Although most people have a general idea of whether they want a surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedure, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery recently highlighted 4 things you should consider when choosing between surgical and non-surgical:

Length of recovery and downtime: Cosmetic surgery will require time away from work and social activities, while non-surgical options like BOTOX® have no downtime.

Longevity of results: Although a cosmetic surgery may require a week or two for recovery, the results last longer than those achieved with injectables and fillers. A facelift restores a more youthful facial appearance for many years, while BOTOX requires re-treatments every four months to maintain results.

Cost of procedure: Cosmetic surgery tends to require a greater up-front cost than non-surgical procedures, but you should consider the need for periodic non-surgical re-treatments, which cause cost to increase over time.

Results: A surgical procedure is capable of achieving a fairly dramatic change in breast size, facial appearance and other physical features. Surgical results can also be more subtle and natural. Non-surgical treatments typically produce subtle cosmetic effects.

The only way to know how effectively cosmetic surgery or non-surgical treatments can achieve your goals is to meet with an experienced plastic surgeon.

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