A French plastic surgeon, one Michel Maure, was arrested in Spain after he breached his bail conditions in France. An international manhunt found him in Catalonia. He was awaiting sentencing for having performed several dozen surgeries, including breast augmentation and liposuction which left the patients badly scarred and with complications.

Not Trained in Plastic Surgery

His specialist training was in anesthesiology, not in surgery, but French law had a loophole which he used to get away with doing cosmetic surgery. France has closed that loophole. Despite his training in administering anesthesia, many of his patients reported that they had feel agonizing pain during their surgeries, because of having insufficient anesthesia.

Maure was arrested in 2004 and at that time, assured the police that he was “one of the great aesthetic surgeons of the world”. He claimed that jealous rivals were victimizing him, and that the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against him were just women who had refused to pay for their surgeries.

The French court where he was tried found him guilty of mutilating and endangering the lives of over 90 women, and required that he pay a large fine and compensate each of his ex-patients with amounts not yet agreed upon. He will now be extradited to France for his sentencing.

Choose Your Surgeon Carefully

This news item points up the importance of choosing your cosmetic surgeon wisely. Maure attracted patients by charging very low fees and offering easy payment schedules. When you choose your cosmetic surgeon, it’s more important to check into the background and education, and to make sure that they are board-certified.

Also find out what professional associations the surgeon belongs to, as these organizations have strict standards for their members. They also keep a surgeon in touch with his peers, and with the latest and improved methods and technologies.

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