Recently, a Syrian woman had an iris implant done to change her eye color from brown to green. Her plastic surgeon replaced her natural iris with one that had green synthetic fibers. She was evidently very satisfied with her outcome.

However, the Syrian health minister, one Rida Said, stated that this was a risky procedure and that the surgeon could no longer practice medicine. His license was pulled. Mr. Said said that it did not matter that iris implants were done in the Western world – it was too risky for the patient’s eyesight.

He has assembled a team of eye surgeons to decide whether this woman’s eyes were damaged. If they find damage, the surgeon and the facility he used for the plastic surgery will be punished.

However, to this date, there have been no conclusions drawn as to the woman’s eyesight because she has refused to allow the government surgeons to examine her.

More About Iris Implants

Iris implants are indeed done in the Western world. According to the Cornea Research Foundation of America, iris implants can be very effective for several groups of people:

  • Those born with iris defects or a missing iris
  • Those who have suffered an eye injury
  • Albino people who have no color in their eyes

Without the iris to control the size of the pupil, the person is easily blinded by bright light. Artificial irises are made of PMMA, the same plastic used for the implantable lenses that treat cataracts. It is an ophthalmic-grade silicone. They come in blue, green, and brown colors. Artificial irises can replace a defective natural iris or they can be placed in front of the natural iris to supplement function or complete the colored area.

Each iris is custom-made for the individual. They are very thin and have two flaps that hold them in place. The FDA is currently testing one called the Ophtec Artificial Iris made by a company called Ophtec, Inc.

When a surgical procedure is successful for health reasons, why should it not be done for cosmetic reasons? Certainly, eyesight is not harmed – it is improved — by other eye surgeries, such as implantable contact lenses, LASIK, or corneal transplants.

At The Cosmetic Surgical Center, we offer eye surgery on the eyelids, called blepharoplasty. It removes unneeded and unwanted fat and skin from the eyelids, giving them a younger and more alert appearance. It is an effective way to rejuvenate the entire face. It has no effect on your eyesight.

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