Despite the uniform excellent results, understanding the limitations of face/neck lifting and the need to utilize other procedures is crucial for success. First, patients learn that a facelift means lifting of the cheek, jowls and neck. Incisions are placed in the hairline and around the ear. In all cases, these incisions are placed in a natural skin crease for camouflage and without the need for shaving of hair. The surgery can take 2-4 hours, usually performed under intravenous sedation and without any discomfort. Following surgery, a dressing is applied to protect the face and is removed the day after. Many surgeons use a daily magnetic resonance imaging (Soft Pulse), massage and ultrasound to hasten postoperative healing. Most patients are feeling much better in 10-14 days.

The “turkey neck” can have an aging impact on your entire appearance. The method to achieve this result is called platysmaplasty, or the stitching of the underlying muscles in the front of the neck and back borders, tightening the muscle like a corset. Once the underlying structure is in place, the skin on top is draped over, with the process continued up to the cheek area, if needed. The underlying work, which removes fat before the skin is draped, is vital to a good neck lift. If the underlying area is not sufficiently treated, laxity will remain and the “neck bands” will return sooner, as the skin stretches in the first 12-18 months post-op. Undertreating is more commonly seen than overtreating. In the latter case, skin circulation could be compromised and the skin could scar. Non-conservative, deliberate overtreatment is difficult to justify, even though a slightly longer-lasting result may be achieved.

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