Ultherapy is one of the hot new facial rejuvenation procedures – no pun intended. Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to heat facial skin, which is supposed to tighten skin laxity by stimulating production of collagen and produce results similar to a forehead lift.

Ultherapy has been praised for providing facelift-like results at a significantly lower cost and without incisions. Although Ultherapy may yield some degree of facial rejuvenation, the surgical tightening – such as occurs in a facelift – of a drooping facial contour simply cannot be achieved with a non-surgical procedure.

The surgical advantages of a facelift include:

  • Sculpting of the underlying fat and tissue
  • Removal of excess, saggy tissue
  • Tightening of the underlying facial muscles

Facelift results remain for about seven to 10 years on average. Ultherapy results last about a year and a half.

Saggy facial skin, an ill-defined jaw line and deep facial wrinkles are some of the most noticeable and undesirable effects of aging. A facelift addresses these cosmetic issues at their source, by removing and modifying years’ worth of gravitational pull and skin aging. Non-surgical procedures, including Ultherapy, cannot address skin laxity at the level of a facelift.

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