Recently, cosmetic acupuncture has been receiving a significant amount of attention in the news. There are several providers in the Dallas, Texas area who promise to help your face look younger through acupuncture. They claim to be able to erase fine lines and soften deeper lines. Sometimes, they also promise enhanced skin tone and increased energy and say that these results are backed up by clinical studies.

But how much rejuvenation can acupuncture give? To get a sense of that, it’s worthwhile looking at the clinical studies. It seems that there have been a number of studies looking at the impact of acupuncture on skin conditions and diseases. Some of them even show promise, such as a recent double-blind study on the impact of acupuncture on acne. So, it’s possible that acupuncture can result in some improvement in skin-level aging. This means it might be a reasonable treatment to try for dull, dry skin with numerous fine wrinkles. If you go to a reputable practitioner, it’s unlikely to do harm, and is probably as likely to do good as a number of non-surgical alternatives marketed in recent years.

However, acupuncture is not and never will be an actual alternative to a facelift. It cannot lift sagging tissue or correct jowling to rejuvenate your facial appearance. To date, a facelift remains the only treatment for sagging facial tissues.

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