Stem-cell-rich fat has recently become quite popular in cosmetic applications. The stem cell facelift is not like facelift surgery, but instead uses fat injections to rejuvenate your face using fat from your own body removed with liposuction. The idea is that the stem cells cause new, youthful skin cells to generate. One woman’s recent story points to some possible problems with unapproved stem cell use.

According to Scientific American, a woman in her sixties called a plastic surgeon to treat her for a problem she was experiencing. A few months prior, she had a stem cell facelift. In the months following, it became excruciating for her to open her right eye. She also noticed a sharp clicking noise when she tried to open her eyelid.

Bone fragments had developed in her eyelids and around her eyes. According to Scientific American, the plastic surgeon who removed the bone fragments believes the fat may have reacted with the facial filler the woman received at the time of her facelift. The active ingredient in the filler may have encouraged the stem cells to turn into bone tissue instead of other kinds of tissue.

Although an adverse event like the one this woman experienced is not normal, her story does show how little is known about the cosmetic application of stem cells, which we may not know more about until – and if – it is tested for safety and effectiveness by the FDA.

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