The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) did a recent study and found that demand for non-invasive cosmetic procedures is increasing. This is despite what many journalists have described as a weakening or slumping economy, making predictions that cosmetic surgery will slide downhill along with the economy.

The study examined 562 ASDS members, asking questions about their patient volume and which procedures are less or more popular. Almost 63% of the members reported a consistent volume of cosmetic patients compared to what they had six months ago. About one-third of the members reported having nearly a third more cosmetic patients than six months ago.

A New Sub-Set of Patients

The ASDS president, Dr. Darrell Rigel, stated that a new group of patients has been contacting the ASDS members — those who have recently lost their jobs. These people are regarding cosmetic procedures as an investment in their future careers. According to Rigel, they are saying:

“I’m back on the job market again, and I’ve got to look good.”

They are asking for procedures such as BOTOXR injections, injectable fillers like RestylaneR, SculptraTM and RadiesseR, and chemical peels. Non-invasive procedures cost less than surgical procedures such as a full facelift, which might run to $10,000 or more, depending on exactly how it is done and what it includes.

But for a more youthful facial appearance and a fresher, more alert look, these non-invasive procedures are very effective. Botox and fillers must be repeated after a few months, at differing intervals depending on which filler you had. But for an unemployed person who expects to have a new job shortly, that would not necessarily be important. Chemical peels do not need regular repeating unless you neglect your skin or expose it to too much sunlight.

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