Every woman is unique. While some find it relatively easy to bounce back to their pre-birth bodies, others struggle. There are changes the body goes thorough when it crosses every milestone. In the case of pregnancy, the myriad changes include loose skin, sagging breasts, and loss of muscle tone. To help women feel and look good, a combination of plastic surgery procedures called a Mommy Makeover was designed.

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

The Mommy Makeover is not a single procedure but is instead a combination of body-reshaping surgeries. The package can include any of the following:

• Tummy tuck to reshape the waist and tighten the abdomen
• Liposuction to remove fat deposits
• Breast augmentation surgery to restore the volume of deflated breasts
• Breast lift to restore breast positioning for a youthful appearance
• Buttocks lift to tighten sagging skin on the buttocks

The Mommy Makeover promises to reshape the body to achieve the patient’s aesthetic desires, reversing changes caused during the period of gestation and nursing. Everything from sagging breasts to unwanted fat deposits can be addressed.

The Mommy Makeover is suitable for most mothers who have given their body ample time to cope with the changes.

Why Do Women Need Mommy Makeovers?

As mentioned earlier, the female body undergoes a series of changes during the time a woman is pregnant.

The Breasts: Regardless of whether the mother is nursing the child or not, there are noticeable changes in the breasts. During the gestation period, the female body triggers changes that accommodate lactation. In place of fat tissue in the breast, milk glands develop. After breastfeeding, the milk glands deflate, resulting in sagging breasts because there is insufficient tissue to replace the void created. This is the cause of stretch marks, loss in volume, and sagging.

The Abdomen: The abdominal area is the region that is the most visibly affected by the pregnancy and childbirth processes. In order to accommodate the growing child, a hormone is released to target abdominal wall relaxation.

While the abdominal walls of some women retract to the pre-pregnancy state after they give birth, for others the area remains loose. Additionally, excess skin hangs from the area and stretch marks form. Those who deliver through a C-section sometimes are left with an unsightly scar.

Other Regions of the Body: As a result of variation in the hormonal levels before and after pregnancy, fat deposits form in many isolated regions of the body. These deposits of excess stubborn fat are resistant to aggressive exercise routines and can be addressed with liposuction.

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