Liposuction for men is specifically designed to target those areas on the male body most resistant to toning. This body contouring option can be used to eliminate stubborn fat deposits where men need it most: in the abdominal area, around the waist, and along the flanks and lower back. If you have struggled with sculpting these or other parts of your body, male liposuction may be just the solution you have been looking for.

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Male Liposuction Risks

While male liposuction is largely considered both safe and effective, there are some risks associated with any surgical procedure. These include adverse reactions to anesthesia, excessive bleeding, and infection. Your risks for these and other complications are greatly reduced by closely following Dr. Rai’s pre and postoperative instructions.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon who cares deeply about the safety and satisfaction of our patients, Dr. Rai will work directly with you during all stages of your treatment to help reduce your risks and ensure the most pleasing results.

To learn more about male liposuction and similar male body toning procedures, please contact the Cosmetic Surgical Center today. Dr. Rai welcomes patients from Dallas and all surrounding areas of Texas.