The red carpet at the Oscars is the biggest showcase of glamorous faces, fashions, and bodies in the world. Seen and commented on by far more people than possibly all the fashion shows in Milan, New York, and Paris combined, even with its viewership at an all-time low due to fallout from the recent writers’ strike, the event is looked to as a marker of the looks that are popular this season.

This year, the colors were rich, bright reds and rich purples, although nothing so stand-outish as Nicole Kidman’s huge red bow from last year. The dresses were cut very conservatively, even for the Oscars, generally a more conservative event than others like the Golden Globes. This year, the mantra seemed to be, if you’ve got it, conceal it. There were no low backs as were worn last year by Gwyneth Paltrow and Maggie Gyllenhaal. The rule seemed to be to show as little cleavage as possible, with the majority of gowns coming up over the breasts. And, instead of the curve-enhancing designs of previous years, this year’s gowns created a flat line, whether straight across, as in Heidi Klum’s and Miley Ray Cyrus’s or whether it cut diagonal as in Anne Hathaway’s and Katherine Heigl’s. Beyond that, everything was done to draw attention away from the breasts, with Hathaway’s garland of roses, or Nicole Kidman’s massive display of diamonds, or, most especially the feathery bustline of Jessica Alba’s purple Marchesa gown or Penélope Cruz’s black strapless Chanel.

Instead, the emphasis was on overall good body contours, such as in Marion Cotillard’s ivory-and-silver Gaultier gown, whose scalloped fabric accentuated every curve of her body. If the Oscars are any indicator, this year could see a slowdown in the booming breast augmentation market, but continued demand for body contouring procedures such as buttock lifts.

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