For some women, saddlebags are a constant source of self-consciousness. Sometimes called a saddlebag deformity, women with this condition store a disproportionate amount of fat below their hips on their outer thighs. This prevents them from having a smoothly defined hourglass figure where the leg begins to taper after the hips. In many clothes, the saddlebag deformity can make a woman appear to have an elongated torso and shorter legs, contrary to many people’s ideal of feminine beauty.

Unfortunately, diet and exercise are not good at targeting this region. Women who tend to store fat here do so because it’s how their bodies are programmed to store it, making this one of the last regions to lose bulk.

Fortunately, liposuction is a very good procedure for targeting saddlebags. The fat can be removed from the region, and for most women the skin will heal taut across the treated area, helping to create the smooth, tapered leg most consider attractive. In addition, the fat will not return if you follow a good regimen of diet and exercise.

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