Childbirth is a very fulfilling experience for women, but after the initial joy of having the baby and breastfeeding, some women look with dismay at their own body shape. When you lose your original body contour it can make you feel self-conscious and sometimes even a bit depressed.

At the Cosmetic Surgical Center in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Vasdev Rai works with women who have had children, but want to keep their original figure. With a mommy makeover, Dr. Rai combines several procedures to make a woman’s body look slimmer and younger.

A once-curvy figure can be restored, the waistline slimmed back down, and the stomach muscles tightened. With a tummy tuck as part of your mommy makeover, excess skin and fat in the abdominal region can be removed and your smooth shape restored.

Breastfeeding, and also the weight gain and loss that comes with having several children, can affect the breast appearance. Dr. Rai can make breast surgery part of your mommy makeover. A breast lift, breast reduction, or breast augmentation will restore your youthful proportions and give you the boost in self-confidence you want.

If you’ve had children and are ready to change the way your body looks, a mommy makeover is an exciting option. Please contactexperienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Vasdev Rai today to schedule your personal consultation.