You may have heard rumors, or read stories online, about a botched plastic surgery done by a doctor working outside his or her specialty. One of the ways you can make sure your plastic surgery provides you with excellent results is by choosing a board-certified Dallas plastic surgeon.

The American Board of Medical Specialties is an umbrella organization for all the separate Medical Boards. For cosmetic surgery, you would want to choose a doctor who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Rai was certified by this Board in 1983, having taken their examinations and met all their specifications for practicing plastic surgery in the U.S.

Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are much the same thing in practice, but are done for different reasons. Plastic surgery is more related to reconstruction after an injury or the correction of a genetic defect. It is done for medical reasons, whereas cosmetic surgery is done for aesthetic reasons.

Each specialty board has its own requirements for how doctors must maintain their certification. Every year Dr. Rai attends seminars and conferences, staying up to date with the newest ideas, techniques, and technology. By meeting these requirements, Dr. Rai not only stays current with his medical specialty, but also stays in touch with his peers. To that end he also belongs to several other professional organizations, such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Texas Medical Association. Please see our page on Training and Credentials for more details.

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