Japanese Geisha girls traditionally cared well for their facial skin, and now a spa in New York is offering Geisha Facials using an unusual recipe. Apparently in eighteenth century Japan, Geisha girls and actresses who wore heavy white makeup used a cream containing nightingale droppings to remove it and clean their faces.

These droppings have been found to contain a useful enzyme. At the New York spa, nightingale droppings were hand-collected and then sterilized with ultraviolet rays. When they were completely dry they were ground into a powder and mixed with rice bran powder and water to make a paste.

In a 50-minute procedure, the paste is applied to the face and the face covered with a warm towel. After the paste is removed, the skin is noticeably brightened and retexturized. It has a luster to it, as all the pores have been thoroughly and gently cleaned. It feels soft and youthful.

Chemical Peels

At our Cosmetic Surgical Center we can offer skin improvement using a chemical peel. You can choose a mild peel or a deep peel, meaning that different peels penetrate the skin to different depths.

If you choose a mild peel, no anesthetic is needed. The surface skin layer will peel off, taking the surface defects with it, such as superficial discoloration and minor blemishes. New skin cells replace the lost skin, freshening the facial appearance. Best results are obtained after a series of three to six peels.

A Phenol peel does require anesthetic and penetrates deeply enough to cause “injury” in the dermis, the second skin layer. It has the effect of realigning the fibers of elastin and collagen which form a support matrix for the skin.

In young skin, the matrix is strong, giving the skin a smooth surface. As we age, the body produces less collagen and the matrix weakens. This is a contributing cause to wrinkle formation, as the skin subsides into the matrix gaps.

As your skin heals itself after the Phenol peel, it produces new collagen, strengthening the matrix and rejuvenating the skin’s appearance. The healing takes several weeks and results are dramatic

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