In the 1990s, not many plastic surgeons were promoting their practice on the Web, but Dr. Steven Denenberg blazed that trail. He noticed that of the few cosmetic surgery websites that were on the Web, none had any Before and After photos.

He launched his own site and added several hundred such photos to show viewers how he could change and improve a person’s appearance with each cosmetic surgery procedure. Such Before and After Galleries are now very popular, although not of equal quality. Our Before and After Photos are nicely organized by procedure and by gender.

New iPhone Application

Dr. Denenberg has continued his inventiveness on the Web by writing his own iPhone application for people to pick a facial cosmetic surgery procedure they might be interested in having and see Before and After photos of its results. For example, if you would like to have nose surgery, breast enlargement, or a male tummy tuck, photos on your own iPhone would be available any time you had the leisure and privacy to study them and imagine how such procedures might enhance your own appearance.

Dr. Denenberg is a physician, not a computer programmer. But he bought a stack of books on how to write applications and over six months, in his spare time, he coded this new application. He tested it and has now had it approved by Apple, the maker of iPhones. You can download it on to your iPhone or your iPod Touch.

You can also send Dr. Denenberg your own photos and he will send you some plastic surgery suggestions for how you could enhance whatever feature you are not happy with.

New Company to Serve Other Cosmetic Surgeons

Looking ahead, Dr. Denenberg has now started his own company that will develop iPhone applications for other cosmetic surgeons – or for cosmetic dentists, or anybody who would like to show photos to prospective patients.

Patient education is an important part of good plastic surgery outcomes. Dr. Rai is always happy to spend time answering questions and explaining how a given procedure might or might not be a good option for you.

If you would like to learn more about a cosmetic surgery procedure you are interested in, the first step is to contact our Dallas, Texas office for a free personal consultation with Dr. Rai. We look forward to meeting with you.