Age is catching up with the Chinese communist party leaders and it is reported that each year, over 500 of them are having cosmetic surgery. They are going to the Plastic Surgery Hospital at Beijing’s Union Medical College.

“The officials have to go on television much more than before,” said one of the senior surgeons at that facility. “[They] have to make many more appearances in public. They want to make sure they have the strong features that government officials are supposed to have.”

The surgeon, one Dr. Chen Huanran, says that more than 200 cosmetic operations are done on senior communist party officials every year. “’The number of operations on officials has risen quickly in recent years,’ he said. ‘Now at least 20 per cent of my patients are government officials.’

One can safely assume that BOTOX® Cosmetic would be at the top of this communist list, and probably facial fillers would be up there too. Perhaps some of them are having a full facelift or male blepharoplasty. Turkey necks can be improved with a facelift or done as a standalone procedure. If the cameras are showing the full figure, perhaps some of the spare tires are being reduced.

The question has already been raised as to how they are paying for their procedures, since cosmetic surgery in China is not cheap. Evidently their publicly declared salaries are too low for such expenses so it is thought that taxpayers may be footing these bills.

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