A Spanish plastic surgeon has taken Google to court over the search results that come up when his name is searched. Apparently, the surgeon is upset that the first page of search results on Google include the story of a lawsuit over poor breast surgery results he gave to a patient. The surgeon was accused of medical malpractice, but was never found liable in a court of law. Now he hopes to suppress the story, saying that the events are over 20 years old, and, because he was never found liable, they should be personal.

The Spanish Agency for Data Protection has ordered Google to delete links to the story from its search results. Google has refused, saying that the right to information overrides the “right to be forgotten,” as European policymakers are describing the desire to have old information removed from the Internet. To resolve the conflict, the Spanish agency is considering sending the case to the European Court of Justice.

Currently, there’s no similar push going on in the United States, but if there were, it seems like Google’s in the right. Patients looking for information about a prospective surgeon have the right to find all the information out there, not know that a surgeon has the power to hide any unfavorable news reports. And if there may be one or two unfavorable things, to use that information in making their decision about a surgeon, and if there is one news story about a possible bad result over 20 years ago, that can be one factor, but should not be a deciding factor.

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