Cosmetic surgeries in general are becoming more popular lately as the public becomes aware of the fantastic results they can provide. Males are one of the biggest demographics that are choosing to have cosmetic surgery performed.

In the past, most men thought of plastic surgery as breast augmentation or tummy tucks that women had to look younger or slimmer. Today, men of all ages are discovering the variety of cosmetic offerings and how they can improve a man’s appearance too. Some of the most common male plastic surgery options men decide on include:

  • Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia) – For many men, dealing with larger breasts can be embarrassing and make clothes fit awkwardly. With gynecomastia, the extra tissue on the chest can be removed and the chest reshaped to give you a more masculine, firmer appearance.
  • Male Liposuction – Men suffering from a spare tire or other areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise can get the fat removed by liposuction. Male liposuction can give you the body contour you’ve always strived for.
  • Male Chin Implants – A strong jawline is something most men really desire, but not everyone is born with a great looking chin and lower jaw. With male chin implants, you can gain a better jaw definition so you can look your best.

If you’ve been considering male cosmetic surgery and you live in the Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas area, please contact male cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Vasdev Rai to schedule your initial consultation.