In 2007 a Chinese newspaper got together with over 20 Chinese media groups and a medical group which offers cosmetic surgery. They set up China’s first campaign to help women who have been somehow disfigured but were too poor to pay for any reconstructive or cosmetic surgery. The campaign was called the China Rose Movement.

The Chinese Women’s Development Foundation is a national non-profit organization. In March, 2008 it joined this group and helped set up the Rose Fund to help disfigured women obtain plastic surgery.

The causes of disfigurement can be heredity or traumas such as fires or automobile accidents. In the past year over 3,000 Chinese women have applied to it for funds although just 70 have received them and gone on to have successful cosmetic surgery.

For their second year starting this month, the Rose Fund will focus on providing support for female college graduates who have lost their jobs because of disfigurement and are too poor to pay for any corrective surgery. The president of China’s largest washing machine company, Little Swan, has pledged 100 positions for women who obtain plastic surgery through the Rose Fund.

In the U.S. insurance companies will pay for reconstructive surgery after an accident or trauma but not for cosmetic surgery done purely for improving one’s appearance. Some procedures have aspects of both those rationales, such as rhinoplasty which can improve the nose’s appearance at the same time as it improves breathing. In those cases you must contact your insurance company to see what their policy is. Many will pay for a certain percentage of the cost.

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